About me Overview | Some Aditya Mandal I am a Data Scientist, I tell stories with data and design intelligent solutions. In Our Tandem, I am currently working on Product Data Analytics using different technologies such as SQL, Python & Microsoft Power BI and building new Intelligent Solutions for the existing product using Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning. I have done my MSc in Computer Science (Intelligent Systems) from the School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin with a 2:1. During the course of my studies, I gained in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I did my thesis on "Neural Machine Translation for English to Hindi in Tourism Domain", under the supervision of Dr. Kevin Koidl. I have previously worked as a Software Engineer for almost 2 yrs at various software companies including a Fortune 500 MNC. I have an experience of software development and maintenance using Java technologies and standard IT delivery process. I love startups and open to any challenging projects in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Kindly feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or someaditya@live.in.

We're in a new world where data is more important than anything else.The world is being re-shaped by the convergence of social, mobile, cloud, big data, community and other powerful forces.

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