Data Visualization on Global Terrorism Database using D3

Analysis of Terrorism in India

In this project , an attempt was made to visualize the terrorism activities in India from 1977 to 2016 and trying to establish a relationship with the Government Tenures in India.Data Visualization has a great impact as it helps to find information which is not known and which can be of great relevance to many people,specifically those who are in power. For the visualization , the prominent Javascript Library D3 was used and several visualization techniques were explored in the process.
The visualization when co related with Government Tenures and Real world events have a great implication. It can be seen how dur- ing the 1980 to 1989 the Sikh Extremists were carrying large scale attacks in the north western part which gradually decreased over the time. When compared with real events such as Indira Gandhi’s Assassination and Anti Sikh Riots how the activities were related. From the Heatmap visualization it can be seen how the North West- ern border areas are consistently under terrorist attacks for past 30 years, does that something related to bad neighbours foreign poli- cies ? That question is left to national security advisers. If it can be implemented on a greater scale,The Visualization can give a lot of insights to the real world events.